Covid-19 Updates
Is Tripsha still running trips?
Yes we are! However, they must be departing August 1st or later (this date may move later depending on the situation).

We are monitoring the situation regarding Covid-19 closely. Any trips we feel unsafe will be de-listed from our site. In addition, we are offering a new flexible booking policy.
What is Tripsha's new flexible booking policy?
From now on until further notice, we will be implementing a new flexible policy for all travelers booking through Tripsha. This policy supplements, not replaces, our existing Refunds & Cancellations policy.

In the event that you decide for pandemic-related reasons not to attend a trip, you will have a new choice of either:
᛫ Receiving the refund you are entitled to under Tripsha's Refunds & Cancellations policy (the exact amount to be refunded depends on how much time there is between your cancellation and the departure date)
᛫ Having the full amount you paid - including your deposit! - applied to any Tripsha trip of your choice departing within 12 months of your original departure date.

As always, in the event that a trip booked through Tripsha is postponed by the host (including for reasons such as travel restrictions or health and safety), you will be notified of the change in dates and asked to confirm your availability. If you are available, your existing booking will be honored for the new dates. Otherwise, your booking will be cancelled and you will be entitled to your choice of a full refund or travel credit.

In the event that a trip booked through Tripsha is cancelled by the host (including for reasons such as travel restrictions or health and safety) you will be entitled to your choice of a full refund or travel credit.
Should I buy travel insurance?
Travel insurance is required for travelers booking through Tripsha. This is to protect you and your host from unexpected circumstances and should be considered part of what it means to travel responsibly.
How to stay safe while traveling
This guidance was originally published in early March when travelers needed assistance learning how to travel safely on public transport and staying up to date with changes in travel policy. We have kept it live on our site so that it can continue to assist travelers.

᛫ Don't use items left out in the open, such as unpackaged straws or shared salt shakers.
᛫ Wear comfortable clothing that covers your body and can be washed frequently
᛫ Avoid touching your face.
᛫ Eat healthy and stay active, as this will keep your immune system strong
᛫ Know what really disinfects surfaces, vs just seems like it should! The CDC has released a guide on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC info
US Dept of State Travel Country Specific News/AlertsStay Connected
Dept of Homeland Security Press Releases
Overseas Security Council Travel Health Alerts Health Alerts

March 19th, 2020
Global Level 4 Health Advisory – Do Not Travel"The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19. In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period."

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