Frequently Asked Questions

Hello 👋 This is Cassie, founder of Tripsha
My team and I created Tripsha to provide a place where people can gather and create, discover, and share trips led by other passionate travelers 🧳
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Who plans the trips on Tripsha?

All our trips are organized and led by individual trip hosts who may also be owners or work for an emerging travel brand. We don't allow trips to be posted by non-individual

Who runs Tripsha?

accept postings of multi-day trips of at least 2 people to most locations. We currently do not accept any trip postings to Cuba, or areas of security risk. Countries considered ‘high security risk’ are at the discretion of Tripsha staff and are subject to change. Email us at

Who runs Tripsha?

A small team of passionate travelers and technologists in New York City! Through personal experience, we know how difficult finding others to travel with can be. We also saw an opportunity to turn the millions of interesting group trips into discoverable, bookable experiences.

Does Tripsha cost money to use?

No - we are free for users who want to meet other travelers or share trips. If you want to host a priced trip on our platform where you charge people a set price to travel with you, please get in touch with Tripsha’s Head of Trips at

Who can use Tripsha?

Anyone who is over 18 years old and resides in the U.S. and Canada. We love our international friends and are seeking to remove this geographic restriction as soon as possible.

How do I (or someone I know) partner with Tripsha?

Please email us at with the subject line ‘Host application’ if you would like to host trips in your individual capacity or ‘Partner application’ if you are part of a travel-related company.

Who do I speak to about a bug?

Please email and describe the issue you found, and include screenshots if possible.

How do I stay safe when traveling with others?

We care a lot about safety when traveling, so much that we wrote an article about it! Just like meeting anyone online, we recommend speaking to them in person over message, call, or video call before traveling together. If you are based in the same city, you also have the option of meeting in a public space first. We encourage all Tripsha users to use their full names on their profiles and link to social media to increase trust.

How can I get involved with Tripsha?

We’re always looking for hosts to plan and lead group trips, especially if you have a particular skill to showcase (e.g. a yoga instructor leading a retreat) or have unusual familiarity with a popular or intriguing destination (expats we’re looking at you). We also accept internship applications in areas such as marketing, UX/UI, and graphic design from current students.

Can I share my Tripsha travel experience with others?

Yes, this is your community to share your Tripsha travel trips, ideas and travel tips. If you have an article you would like to write for us please send a proposal to with the subject line ‘Blog Proposal’.

Other Questions?

We want to hear from you! What can we help you with? How can we help you obtain the best travel experience :) Email us at