Refunds & Cancellations Policy


This Refunds and Cancellation Policy is solely for priced trips processed on the Tripsha platform. Tripsha is not responsible for monetary transactions done off the platform or for user based trips. Payments for user based trips, events, and gatherings are done at the discretion of individuals. This includes but not limited to payments for lodging, activities, transportation, etc. processed off platform.

Deposits, Payments and Fees

  • DEPOSITS - All deposit payments made to Tripsha or through a payment processing platform run by Tripsha are entirely non-refundable, unless the host cancels the trip or the identity of the host changes.
  • PAYMENTS - Payment for trips is generally due in full 30 days prior to departure. However, in special circumstances it may be possible to accommodate alternate arrangements. Such arrangements, including the nature of the arrangements and whether they will be allowed under the specific circumstances, are at the host’s discretion. Where the trip host is Tripsha, request for alternative arrangements should be made with as much notice as possible to subject line: Payment Accommodation.
  • FEES - We reserve the right to charge processing fees in the event of refunds or cancellations. Such fees will not exceed 5% of the amount to otherwise be refunded.


Refunds for a trip that is within 45 days of commencement or that has already commenced are not given unless exceptional circumstances warrant. Determining what constitutes exceptional circumstances is at the sole discretion of Tripsha. In general, Tripsha will only find exceptional circumstances to exist where the reasons that the traveler is requesting the refund can and should have been prevented by the host.

For illustrative purposes, the following would not generally be considered exceptional circumstances:

  • Failure by the traveler to appear on the day of departure.
  • Failure by the traveler to complete a portion of the trip or to participate in certain activities. No refund will be given for failure by the traveler to utilize paid access to events such as activity tickets, city passes, etc.

For illustrative purposes, the following might be considered exceptional circumstances:

  • The trip offered deviates significantly from what was advertised.
  • The host is unable to complete a portion of the trip once commenced.

All travelers are entitled to a full refund if a host cancels the trip or the identity of the host changes.

Refunds are generally issued in the original form of payment.

Cancellations Prior to Travel

  • If the Verified Host of a paid trip, for any reason is unable to lead a trip, Tripsha will endeavor to find a replacement host. A replacement host may also be chosen by the group provided the host holds active Verified Host status with Tripsha. All travelers will be entitled to a full trip refund should they decide not to proceed with the new host, or if a new host cannot be found. Any costs paid for or arranged outside of Tripsha’s platform are the full responsibility of the Traveler.

  • Tripsha endeavors to complete all the trips it hosts. However, Tripsha reserves the right to cancel any event or trip that it is hosting both before or during the trip or event if it deems such cancellation to be necessary. Non-exhaustive examples of reasons why a trip may be cancelled include:
  • Failure of the trip to reach or retain the minimum number of travelers that would make the trip viable (this minimum number of travelers is usually listed on the trip page).
  • Any actual or anticipated situation during the trip that would make the trip unsafe, for example, forecasts of extreme weather or social turmoil.
  • A travel advisory warning against travel to the destination country or countries is issued by the U.S. State Department.


Deposits are always non-refundable when the traveler decides not to or is unable to attend the trip.

  • 45 days prior to departure. No amount is refundable.
  • 46 - 60 days prior to departure. 50% of non-deposit amount is refundable.
  • More than 61 days - 100% of non-deposit amount is refundable.

  • Host Cancellation - In very rare circumstances, the Host may be unable to continue a trip once it has already commenced. In such circumstances, the intent is to replace the host and keep the travelers’ experience as comfortable as possible. Tripsha has full and sole discretion over refunds in such circumstances.
  • Traveler Cancellation - If the traveler decides not to continue on with the Trip after departure, the traveler is not entitled to any refunds for unused portions of the trip. However, in exceptional circumstances, Tripsha may decide in its sole discretion to issue a partial refund, or award the traveler credit towards future products or services. All requests of this nature must be made via email by the traveler to subject line: Refund Case no later than 30 days after the traveler stops participating in the trip.
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