Refunds & Cancellations Policy

DISCLAIMER - This Refunds and Cancellation Policy is solely for priced trips processed on the Tripsha platform. Tripsha is not responsible for monetary transactions done off the platform or for user based trips. Payments for user based trips, events, and gatherings are done at the discretion of individuals. This includes but not limited to payments for lodging, activities, transportation, etc. processed off platform.



• Refunds for a trip that is within 45 days of commencement or that has already commenced are not given unless exceptional circumstances warrant. Determining what constitutes exceptional circumstances is at the sole discretion of Tripsha. In general, Tripsha will only find exceptional circumstances to exist where the reasons that the traveler is requesting the refund can and should have been prevented by the host.

For illustrative purposes, the following would not generally be considered exceptional circumstances:

For illustrative purposes, the following might be considered exceptional circumstances:

All travelers are entitled to a full refund if a host cancels the trip or the identity of the host changes.

Refunds are generally issued in the original form of payment.


Cancellation by Verified Host

Cancellation by Tripsha.

Traveler Cancellation - Deposits are always non-refundable when the traveler decides not to or is unable to attend the trip.


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