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6 Tips To Make Planning A Group Trip Stress-free

January 4, 2022

Contributed by:

Gemma Clarke

If you’re an aspiring group trip planner looking to plan your first trip or retreat, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Perhaps you have successfully planned backpacking trips for you and your friends and are inspired to try your hand at group trip planning. 

Planning group trips and retreats are much more complicated than planning your own vacation, as there are many extra considerations. However, this doesn’t mean that the process needs to be time-consuming and stressful. 

We’ve compiled our top six tips for planning a trip without the overwhelm. If you’re new to group vacation planning or looking to improve your trip organizational skills, these helpful hacks will show you how to plan a group trip or retreat the smart way.

1. Research beforehand

Hosting a group trip is not cheap, and you will likely have to pay money upfront when planning your retreat. In many cases, the trip will need to sell out or have 80% or more capacity to get back your invested money and make a profit. 

Because of this, it’s vital to ensure the type of trip you are planning is one that people are interested in and actively seeking out. For example, wellness retreats are super popular right now as the fast-paced lifestyle many people lead is becoming detrimental to their mental health. Thus, they seek a way to escape and slow down.

Location choice is just as essential to successfully organizing trips. Do some research on where people are most interested in visiting right now and the countries that are easy for multiple nationalities to travel to and enter. Don’t forget to consider what the weather will be like there during your trip too. Make sure you’re not booking a trip on a tropical island in the middle of the rainy season!

2. Don’t do it alone

When taking on a large project such as planning a trip for a group of people you have never met, it’s wise to seek help and delegate tasks. There is a lot to organize, and attempting to do it all yourself is guaranteed to result in overwhelm. 

Perhaps you’ll find it helpful to appoint someone as the group leader. This way, they can handle all communication with the attendees, answer their questions, and make sure they feel prepared for the trip. This will free up your time considerably and allow you to focus on ensuring the accommodation, catering, and group activities are all in place. 

3. Give yourself time

Group vacation planning is not something you should rush. You may be excited about planning your first group retreat and keen to make it happen as soon as possible. Still, it’s much wiser to plan a trip well in advance. The more time you give yourself to organize the trip, the less stress you’ll feel.

Moreover, by planning a trip further in the future, you’ll have more accommodation choices and a better chance of getting a good deal. You can also book your flights early and allow your attendees to do the same, saving you all money. This is extra important when planning big group travel. If you leave it too late to book, you may struggle to find transport and decent accommodation for a large group of people.

4. Create a killer itinerary

All group trips and retreats need an itinerary, not just for the general organization of the trip but so guests know what to expect. When creating the itinerary, it’s essential to get the right balance between activities and free time. Remember that people choose to go on pre-planned trips and retreats to recharge. Even if you’re heading somewhere that’s full of exciting things to do and see, avoid trying to cram too much into the itinerary. 

Think about the type of people coming on the retreat and the activities that most interest them. Consider their age, lifestyle, and intention for their break. For example, don’t arrange lots of hiking and strenuous exercise if your guests are looking to relax and unwind. 

Most importantly, be sure to include a few hours of free time every day, where guests can do their own thing. Consider adding some optional things, too, so they don’t feel pressured to join in every activity if they’re tired or needing alone time. 

5. Have somewhere to manage bookings and payments

One of the most stressful parts of planning a trip is tracking who has paid what. Without a proper booking and payment system, you can quickly get confused and make mistakes. Therefore, for smooth, stress-free trip organization, use a trip hosting platform like Tripsha. 

Tripsha lets you manage all your bookings in one place, easily track payments, and chat with interested travelers before accepting their booking. Moreover, Tripsha has a 72-hour payment commitment. So, if someone doesn’t pay within three days, you can offer their space to another eager traveler.

6. Communicate with your group before the trip

Your guests will appreciate regular updates from you in the lead-up to the trip. They may also have questions and concerns. However, managing your guests’ queries can become time-consuming when you’re replying to everyone individually.

A smarter way to communicate with your group is via a group chat. You can create a group chat on Facebook, WhatsApp, or a trip hosting website like Tripsha. When you host a trip on Tripsha, your guests join a group chat to connect with you and each other before departure. This feature lets you share vital information with everyone and gives your guests a chance to get to know each other beforehand. 

Letting your guests chat beforehand will make a massive difference to the first day of the retreat. Everyone will be much more relaxed, which will, in turn, allow you to relax more too!

Final thoughts

Organizing trips and retreats for groups of strangers may feel a bit scary the first time. But, by following these tips, you’ll enjoy the process much more, and your retreat will be a great success. Happy group trip planning!

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