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How to Get Great Trip Reviews

May 26, 2021

Contributed by:

Sophia Quinn

When up to 90% of people check out online reviews before making a purchase, knowing what makes a good review can be the difference between a thriving travel business and a trip that blends in with all the others. Just as importantly, reviews give hosts like you the opportunity to learn what travelers want to experience on group trips, which helps you know what to promote in the future.  

We know that not all reviews are born equal or hit the key points that entice a future traveler onto your trip so Tripsha has compiled a list of some key elements of a review to help after your next group trip. 

1. Get them to review while it's still fresh

First of all, it is best to ask for a review while you are still with your travelers or immediately after the trip, as they are more likely to remember and feel strongly about their recent experience. At Tripsha we automate review collection by emailing travelers right after the end of the trip to capture that "post-trip high" and provide them an opportunity to craft both a public endorsement and a private message to you. 

2. Seek reviews of just the right length

Reviews need to be long enough to paint a picture of the experience the traveler had while being short enough that a traveler considering a handful of trips can scan a number of reviews per trip and still come away with a sense of what the trip is about. A good rule of thumb is to aim for 4-5 sentences. Remember also that reviews don’t necessarily have to be written. In fact, a video asking travelers during the trip about how they’re finding it can be a more effective testimonial, since it clearly shows the review is genuine and there’s always the possibility of turning their words into written quotes later. Just remember to get permission before posting anything that will have your traveler's face in it - whether that's a group photo or a video review!

3. The devil's in the details

Ask for specific details in your reviews! So many trips are described as "fun" or "great" but what specifically about them moved the traveler or connected with them on an emotional level? The best reviews help the reader visualize themselves in the destination making their own precious memories. Asking questions like "what will you remember most a year from now" also gives you, the host, valuable information on the elements of the trip that are most meaningful to your attendees. Think about asking what was most memorable, if they’re glad they came on the trip, and if there’s any experiences they had with you that they couldn’t have achieved by themselves.

4. Ask for the personal shout-out

What makes Tripsha different from other travel platforms is that we put the host front and center on each trip. It’s the one thing that no one else has and the beautiful thing about small group travel is that you have the chance to make real connections with your group. Therefore reviews should always mention you. For example “Becca was such a thoughtful host, she made us all feel welcome from Day 1 and her experience navigating the less-visited parts of the country made it much easier to get around” creates a lot more trust in the reader than “Becca is a great host and we had a lot of fun” because it is both detailed and showcases your personal touch. Remember also that that even if a trip doesn't run perfectly according to plan, the way you handle these situations and make it work will stick with your travelers after the trip is over. Mishaps often turn into funny stories later provide a fun, ‘real world’ element to reviews that build confidence and connection with future travelers. 

With the right approach, every traveler can leave a good (or at least helpful) review. These suggestions should help you communicate to your travelers just how important and valuable their comments are to you as a host, and to future travelers that want to have as special an experience as they did.

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