How to Stay Safe on Public Transport during Coronavirus

Sometimes you simply need to go out and the only way to get somewhere is to use public transport. Here is some practical advice you should follow when using public transport (buses, Uber cars, and subways). We have additional recommendations for those of you traveling by air near the bottom.

      1. Don't enter into a line to get on the bus. That’s just a way for everyone’s faces to be close together. It’s OK to hang back a bit and create distance between yourself and other riders.

     2. If you’re taking a subway or bus, take an earlier bus if you can. Most buses get cleaned in the evening, so the earlier you go the fewer people who will be riding with you and also the fewer people who have been through that bus or subway car.

     3. Wear gloves and/or use hand sanitizer (at least60% alcohol). If you use gloves, try use disposable ones that you can throw in the trash once you get home. To take off gloves without contacting your skin, pinch the fingertips and loosen until you can pull them off finger-first.

     4. Try not to stand near vents. You generally want the air to circulate around you as little as possible so that if someone nearby coughs, their droplets are less likely to make their way over to you.

     5. Prepare and pack. When out and about you should always have:

             o  Packets of tissues, which you can also give to people who need them (if someone is coughing don’t actively approach them, butif they have a runny nose you can offer a packet by holding one end so they can grab the other). It’s safer for everyone if they have something to use other than their sleeve, or worse, nothing at all.

             o  Water bottle (public drinking fountains and even disposable cups like the kinds you find in waiting rooms shouldn’t be trusted).

             o  Antiseptic wipes for hard surfaces.

            o  Gloves and hand sanitizer for your hands.

            o  Lip balm should be stick application not those ones you use your finger to apply.

     6. Mobile – don’t touch your phone with your gloves.If you need entertainment while traveling, put a podcast on before you put your gloves on and head out.

     7. Don't use cash because when you get change you don't know where those bills and coins have been. If you have it and stores near you accept it you can turn on Apple Pay – it works by holding your phone near the reader – you never have to hand your credit card to the cashier.


    8. When you get on the plane, wipe down all hard surfaces that you may touch, including the entertainment screen, the remote(including all the nooks and edges), the window and the arm rests.

     9. Sanitize your hands regularly.

     10. Dress comfortably in clothes that you can wash easily. We recommend a cotton hoodie or similar which you can use to cover your head. When you get to your destination, put those clothes immediately in the wash – don’t go sitting around or lying on the couch in your travel gear.

     11. Wear an eye mask if you go to sleep. It’s not just good at blocking light – it also helps prevent you touching your face while you sleep.

     12. Don’t stand up when the plane touches down. It takes at least 15 mins to disembark and for that time you’re just putting your face close to other people’s faces.  

     13. Your luggage just had a plane trip too. Remember to wipe it down with antiseptic if it’s a hard shell or leave it for 48 hours before unpacking if has a fabric outer.For both types of luggage remember to disinfect zipper pulls, padlocks, and other hard surface parts people touch regularly.

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