Mysteries of Jordan

September 16, 2021

Contributed by:

Kerry Botensten

Wow Jordan 🇪🇭, you exceeded our expectations again!!! Unforgettable epic days exploring Petra, canyoning in Wadi Mujib, cooking class in Amman, sleeping under the stars in the Wadi Rum desert, fresh cooked fish on the beach, snorkeling in the Red Sea, and capping off the trip with relaxing mud treatments at the Dead Sea!

Relaxing Overlooking Ancient Petra city

Our group arrived and settled in to the capital of Jordan, Amman. We had a great night browsing rainbow street and the eclectic stores of Amman. Finished the evening with welcome dinner and drinks on one of Ammans stunning rooftops.

Our day trip to Jerash was the first introduction to the pure history of this country. The most well preserved Roman ruins outside of Rome.

We left the capital and ventured south with a stop at Madaba, the mosaic capital of the world.

Wadi Mujib was up next, the most adventerous and fun part of the trip!! The group was surprised to see this breathtaking canyon in the middle of Jordan. Treking thru the breathtaking sandstone canyon in waist deep water, scaling waterfalls, swimming upstream, floating downstream and sliding into pools of clear water was an unexpected highlight of the trip! We all left with a feeling of accomplishment andbellies hurting from laughing so hard.

A quick night and morning in an eco friendly hotel in Dana Preserve. Felt and looked like we were on the moon.

Day 4 was the day we were all waiting for….PETRA, the lost city of Giants! We didn’t arrive the typical way, instead it was by jeep and a short hike via the back entrance, Indiana Jones style! We skipped the tourist entrance and had the Monastery to ourselves!

A tour is not complete without two full days discovering the lost city of Petra. The second night in Petra was a magical experience walking through the sek to the Treasury lit by 1500 candles.

Day 6 we went further south to Aqaba, home of the Red Sea. We spent the day enjoying the sun, had a fresh seafood lunch on the beach, tons of snorkeling and a boat ride surrounded by 4 countries….Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabi, and Israel.

The following day, we transitioned from sea to desert. In true Jordanian fashion, we took a jeep ride across Wadi Rum desert to our Bedouin campsite! We spent the day exploring the red sand dunes, taking photos on the famous Rock Bridge, camel rides and an unforgettable sunset. The night ended with singing, a campfire, plenty of hot tea and falling asleep under the stars.

Celebrating Our View of the Treasury

Our last day and night was spent enjoying, pampering ourselves and relaxing at a gorgeous resort at the Dead Sea. Mud masks and lounging with epic views of the Dead Sea. We even floated a few times! Our farewell dinner and cocktails were paired with live music. Cheers!!

Thank you to everyone who joined us!! 🧡

We’ve had a ton of positive feedback and requests for a repeat! If you have interest in joining our next Jordan trip or ideas for another trip, DM us or email We look forward to hearing from you!!

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