Reflections on Wellness for the Quarantined Traveler

June 2, 2021

Contributed by:

Sophia Quinn

The idle time working from home means far more hours spent dreaming about post corona travel. Scrolling through old photos or looking at travel blogs gives us a window of what is possible in the future. As the world starts to reopen, we can slowly adjust our mindset to being able to explore again. This gives us the opportunity to really bring into sharper focus our values and to redevelop the things about travel we craved and the lifestyle we missed while in quarantine.  

Without the distractions of our busy lives, we have an opportunity to  rethink our priorities about travel and consider how much we took for granted before. We have time to think about what gives us the most energy and joy. Whether it is time outside in the fresh air or a relaxing dinner, we can readjust what our future is going to look like, by directing our energy towards what fulfills us the most. We should take advantage of this time.  This uncertain situation collectively gives us the opportunity to let go of the insignificant, superficial thoughts that were clouding us before, and move forward with our core values at the forefront of our minds.

No one really knows what travel will look like once this is all over, but what we do have control over is how we, ourselves, are going to value travel. One thing, for sure, is that I feel far more inclined to make memories. When we can start traveling again, we owe it to ourselves to act. With a renewed sense of clarity of values, we should seek out experiences that are really meaningful to us.  If you miss intimacy with friends or watching the sunrise from a mountain peak, a group trip can fulfill both these cravings. If what makes you excited is trying exotic foods, your next trip could be cooking classes in the very place your favorite dish originated. As mentioned by Kerry Botensten, Head of Trips at Tripsha, “traveling is an outlet to opening ourselves up to new experiences, new friends and a new thought process” and what we chose to do at the end of this speaks to the deeper values that we’ve made a priority moving forward. Whatever those values may be, there is potential for more fulfilling and rewarding travel for us in the future.

Every beautiful place we dreamt about within the comforts of our homes, will be within reach and accessible. Whoever we ached to hold, we can soon be there with them. Our personal values expressed in quarantine can be applied to our next travel experiences. Our wellness is firmly grounded on the deep values that each of us have, and if we give ourselves the chance to use this down-time for reflection, travel will be  better. As we are reminded that travel is a privilege that we shouldn’t take for granted, we can move forward with greater gratitude and ideas as to how to make the most out of our time traveling.

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