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The Perks of Co-hosting

January 4, 2022

Contributed by:

Sophia Quinn

Managing and organizing a trip takes an enormous amount of work. There’s not only the pre-departure tasks, like planning the itinerary and accepting bookings from travelers, but the trip itself has to run smoothly so that travelers can focus on enjoying their experience. 

Co-hosting can help by giving you a partner to share in the day-to-day tasks of organizing and running a group trip. Here are three the benefits of co-hosting: 


1. Opportunity for Connection and Learning

Having a co-host is a chance to meet someone that loves the same things as you and is an excellent opportunity to grow your professional network. Unlike most professional connections which take place over phone calls or occasional meetings, you will get to see hands on how someone else plans and runs a trip, and share lessons and tips you may not have considered incorporating on your own.

2. Wider Audience Appeal

Hosts with different strengths can often come together to create uniquely compelling trips. For example, you might be very involved in the local music scene, whereas another host might be a certified yoga instructor or fitness coach. By combining your experience, contacts and strengths, the trip you can offer becomes even more appealing to a wider audience of travelers. The trip can also help forge connections between pre-existing groups that share interests, helping grow both communities.


3. Many Hands Make Light Work 

Co-hosts are also a really good idea if your trip requires a lot of in-destination work, for instance, if the group is large or if most of your travelers don’t speak the language of the destination country. Imagine if one traveler in the group got injured and you had to stay behind to translate for them as they navigated a foreign medical system. Having a second host to help continue the trip for the rest of the travelers would be a huge relief.

So how should you get started with co-hosting? At Tripsha, we connect hosts interested in co-hosting with each other so the best way is to send us a message with what skills or specialties  you have and what you’re looking for in a co-host. We can also help by providing guidance on what questions to ask a co-host before planning a trip together.

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