Why Who you travel with matters as much as Where you go

September 17, 2021

Contributed by:

Kerry Botensten

When you look back on your travel experiences, what makes a trip stand out more than others? Is it the sights or the people you shared your trip with? Do you remember the details of your walking tour or laughing with friends at a local restaurant? Was the change of itinerary on your last trip not a big deal because you and your travel companions found another solution together? The people you travel with mold the overall experience, more than your destination.

The reality is that who you travel with matters as much as where you go.

Previously, travelers spent months planning where to go for their next vacation, researching and picking the best hotels, restaurants and activities. Yet, when it came to looking for a travel partner, the companion was based on convenience and availability. As it becomes more accessible to travel and to more destinations, the focus has shifted. Like minded travelers enjoy each others company and want to share their experiences together, rather than focusing solely on the destination. Going to your ideal destination with a person who has different expectations, a poor attitude or contrasting travel patterns can negatively impact your trip, no matter where you are.

Keep your options open, because your best travel companion may not be your best buddy from school or friend from work. Spending time with friends traveling may not be the same as experiencing life with them at home or in school. Consider the uncontrollable situations that don’t happen in your daily life. Canceled flights, weather changes, language barriers, change of diet, etc. How will you and your friends handle this? Will a change in itinerary ruin your trip or will you make the best of the situation? What does your ideal travel day look like? If you had a choice between a museum or a hike, which would you pick? Do you thrive on having a packed itinerary or do you prefer to sleep in and leisurely explore? Are you on time? What are your spending habits and comfort levels? You want to make sure that through these challenges, the people you are travelling with, have the personality and temperament that matches yours. Have you ever wanted to do something and then decided not to because your travel partner didn’t want to? And then felt like you missed out? With limited vacation time, you deserve to spend it how you want, with who you want and to limit the compromising situations.

And lastly, let’s be honest, nobody likes to talk about money, but it’s imperative when planning a trip. Setting up a budget and deciding the importance of your spending will also help align you with the right person. Will the bulk of the expenses be on a luxury hotel room or will an airbnb be fine? Can you eat street food or prefer to dine at a fancy restaurant? How many days of shopping do you need? What are your travel musts? Travel deal breakers? All of these important questions factor into your travel persona and can link you with your travel mates.

Overall, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unpredictable exciting world of travel can be daunting. But when you find your travel matches, you will notice that traveling becomes less stressful and more enjoyable. Then you will be able to travel anywhere in the world! Tripsha makes it easier than ever to find a group of people that fits your style of traveling, help create new experiences and ultimately make lifelong friends. By creating a travel profile including interests, habits, and travel styles you will be able to find your travel match and travel group.

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